Nieuwe Bibliotheek (New Library)

A Dutch library has done just what we hope to do in the library world: they reinvented the library experience and created something that their community craves. As a result of this reinvention, Nieuwe Bibliotheek (New Library) in the town of Almere has achieved record numbers of visitors each year.

The library staff didn’t rely on traditional ideas. They asked questions, they identified needs, and they were willing to go beyond library traditions and standards to achieve their goals. They are a destination library.

The library experience includes a serendipity machine, a cafe, a gaming space, music and events.  Having a cafe,  events, and gaming are not new ideas, but the way they approach what the library can be is so comprehensive, so engaging, that the library, instead of being a quiet, retiring place, is an active, award-winning community center.

More about the New Library

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