Bringing the Calm

Technology always brings with it a learning curve. We think that technology should just work and should always make sense. But sometimes it doesn’t. I have stepped in to help resolve tech issues with presentations, cabling, settings and more. While I have a strong comfort level with technology, I have a secret. It isn’t only the fact that I have the answer that helps: I stay calm and stay focused on getting a workable solution. When I stay calm, it seems to create a calming ripple effect. The other people around me seem to calm down. They start to feel that everything will turn out fine. My certainty and calm spreads.

It isn’t only when technology goes haywire, but in other situations as well. If you can stay with the certainty that everything will be fine, it will. You may be the calm one on your team. If you are, you probably have noticed this effect.  If you aren’t, try to bring your own calm to a stressful situation and create your own calming ripple.

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