Understanding Motivation

REVIEW: Why Motivating People Doesn't Work.

We are Polyglots: Why It is Okay to Use Business Concepts in Libraries

Libraries have a vast and specific vocabulary. We speak librarian with each other and with our patrons.

The Magic of an Organized Desk

We are a culture of multitaskers.

Bringing the Calm

Technology always brings with it a learning curve.

Patrons, Customers, Clients, and Guests

Libraries have worked hard to be accessible to the communities we serve.

We are Small Data

We are seeing a lot of buzz about Big Data. The ability to collect massive amounts of data, finding patterns and trends is allowing us to see ourselves, our communities, cultures, and subcultures, as never before.

The Extraordinary Library Experience

Libraries are in the midst of change, big change.  Library professionals often have to address the most basic of basics: funding, staffing, resources.